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on beauty - Product design


Through this series of workshops we teach basic photoshop, and try and instill in our particpants a curiosity about the designed world that surrounds them.


In groups we discussed the way our houses are designed, and the way we decorate them. We discussed patterns found in our homes and where they were found....carpets, wallpaper and curtains topped our list. We found that our houses were all very similar and overwhelmingly the patterns used in our houses were made up of flowers........weird eh?! Playing with pattern-making in Photoshop, we created designs from more unusual starting points, that were good enough to eat your dinner off.


We created drawings from observation. We focused on everyday objects. We traced these drawings with markers onto acetate. We coloured them with bright colours, inspired by the work of Michael Craig-Martin.


































We manually created designs using tracing paper and repeating images. We then demonstrated the same pattern making, but through selecting and free-transforming in photoshop.  






















Finally, we printed our photoshop work onto ceramic printer paper, and placed on blank plates. The ceramic print paper and pattern was then bonded to the plate through a cool fire in the kiln.


































We exhibited our work in the cafe at the Nunnary Gallery in East London.

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