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"Creativity is for the gifted few: the rest of us are compelled to live in environments constructed by the gifted few, listen to the gifted few's music, use gifted few's inventions and art, and read the poems, fantasies and plays by the gifted few. This is what our education and culture conditions us to believe, and this is a culturally induced and perpetuated lie. The result is that the vast majority of people are not allowed (and worse - feel that they are incompetent) to experiment with the components and variables of the world in order to make experiments and discover new things and form new concepts" - Simon Nicholson, The Theory of Loose Parts, 1972.


Destroy is a project about making things. It provides participants opportunities to explore artworks directly, and discover them through the process of pulling them apart. The project positions participants as creative collaborators, and artworks are transmuted into something new.   


Initiated in 2017, in collaboration with The Bow Arts Trust the project has run internationally in collaboration with artists Sid and JimKathy Holowko, George Rose and Alastair Mason.

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