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The alchemist - making sculpture 


These sessions focus on the very basics of sculpture making, from basic contruction through to activities that foster important characteristics in a sculptor; perserverance, independant judgement making, and having an experiemental approach. We use easily available, everyday materials, and explain that the power of the sculptor lies in his or her ability to transform materials into artworks. We advocate a "design on your feet" approach, favouring hands on making and modification, with participants having time to reflect on their work and learn from their mistakes. 


Activity one - The Cardboard Box


Each participant is given a box and some scissors (or knives - dependant on age group). We ask the participants to try and transform the box through simple cutting and joining techniques that we demonstrate. Participants work independantly, and make their own decisions about their sculpture. 




















Activity two - Casting


We love this activity as you get a really impressive, heavy plaster outcome, from flimsy collage beginnings, it really is alchemy! We create molds using cardboard. Ontop we create relief sculptures using a variety of materials with interesting textures, we use a hot glue gun to stick all our pieces in place. We spray this with clear varnish and use a layer of vaseline ontop which will act as a releasing agent once we cast. We pour in casting plaster. Leave for 30 minutes and you can pull your mold away.




















Activity three - Building with components


A great way to learn to contruct is with components. We use images of cells and plants in macro to help us explain this. Particpants use only paper to create a 3d component that is replicated and built with. 




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